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Introducing your family to the day care system

2 Reasons A Private Preschool Might Be Right For Your Kid

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When your child reaches preschool age, you might find yourself making the choice between inexpensive public school systems and upscale private programs. Although some of your friends and family members might balk at the idea of paying tuition for a three-year-old, private preschools offer important advantages that could follow your child throughout their life. Here are two reasons a private pre-kindergarten school or program might be right for your kid: 1: Better Teacher to Student Ratios You might like the idea of additional playmates for...

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4 Advantages Of Cathloic School For Children With Sensory Processing Disorder

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A child that has sensory processing disorder (SPD) can have just as much intelligence as other children, but they can also be held back through the effects of the SPD. When you choose to enroll your son or daughter into a Catholic school, there are several advantages that can cater to SPD symptoms. A child will have less distractions and can cope easier thanks to a variety of benefits found in these schools. If your child has SPD, the following four advantages can become available to them at Catholic schools all over the country. Catholic...

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2 Ways To Keep Your Child Healthy In Daycare

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Nothing is worse than dealing with a stuffed-up, fussy child in the middle of the night when you know you have a big meeting the next morning. Unfortunately, if you rely on daycare, you might have to endure more than your fair share of sick kiddos. In fact, research has shown that kids who attend daycare before age 2-½ experience more respiratory illnesses and ear infections than children who stay home with their parents. Fortunately, you might be able to fend off bugs by taking a few preventative measures. Here are two ways to keep your...

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5 Birthday Gifts That Are Perfect For The Man In Your Life Who Seems To Have It All

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If the man in your life already seems to have it all, it can be tough to figure out what to get him for his birthday aside from a new tie or a pack of socks. Instead of gifting him something that ends up in the back of the closet or under the bed, why not go for something that he never would have thought of for himself in the first place? Here are five fun options to consider: Some Flight Lessons Give your loved one an opportunity to soar free in the air with the help of a series of flight lessons. Flight schools like Parkland College...

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5 Benefits Of Using A Licensed Child Care Provider In Washington State

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Childcare providers in Washington State are required to be licensed by the Washington State Department of Early Learning (DEL) unless they are only providing child care on a casual, informal  basis. For instance, the neighbor who watches your kids so that you and your spouse can enjoy a night out or the teenager who provides an hour or two of after-school care in your home don’t have to be licensed. But if you’re using child care on a regular basis for your preschool aged children, it’s in your best interests to make...

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Dyslexia And Learning To Drive

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Many people fail their first driving test, and 44 percent of learners fail the written part of the test. The written test is tricky for the average candidate, but if you have a reading disability like dyslexia, the odds worsen. Up to 20 percent of the American population shows some symptoms of dyslexia, which presents a challenge to learners and tutors alike. If you or a family member suffers from dyslexia, learn more about the effects the condition has when you learn to drive, and the steps you can take with your tutor to improve your...

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