5 Birthday Gifts That Are Perfect For The Man In Your Life Who Seems To Have It All

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If the man in your life already seems to have it all, it can be tough to figure out what to get him for his birthday aside from a new tie or a pack of socks. Instead of gifting him something that ends up in the back of the closet or under the bed, why not go for something that he never would have thought of for himself in the first place? Here are five fun options to consider:

Some Flight Lessons

Give your loved one an opportunity to soar free in the air with the help of a series of flight lessons. Flight schools like Parkland College offer the opportunity to learn all of the control of a small plane before heading up into the air, and then students get to experience what it's like to have complete control over their planes as they fly with the aid of a trainer. If your man enjoys the flight process, he can get certified and take you out for a ride in the air to show off his skills.

A Charity Certificate

The atrocity of starvation among humans around the world is a real problem, and the solution can be supported by those who have the means to donate time and money to the cause. Each year, thousands of animals have to be rescued from abusive situation, and their rescues rely on the support of people who care.

Give your loved one the gift of giving by donating to a charity that will resonate with his heart. Most charities provide options for those giving donations as gifts, such as the ability to print out an official certificate that can be framed and hung on the wall.

A Weekend Boat Rental

Set up a weekend boat rental that your man can use to take his buddies out for some fishing, waterskiing, or lazing out in the sun. Pontoon boats offer plenty of space for multiple people to eat, drink, and relax without having to sit on top of one another. Speed boats offer some adventure that gets the adrenaline rushing and the blood pumping.

If you aren't sure what type of boat he'd enjoy the most, get him a gift certificate for the rental so he can choose one that fits his needs for the occasion he plans to put together. Most boat rental companies offer accessories like coolers and fishing gear to help round out the experience without having to invest in equipment that won't be used very often after the weekend trip.

Customized Mud Flaps

If you want to give him a gift that keeps on giving, go for a set of customized mud flaps. They'll help to update the look and feel of his vehicle, and give him a chance to tell his story. Choose mud flaps made in his favorite color, and have one of his most used phrases printed on the flaps, or get his face depicted as a caricature to grace them.

A Themed "Getaway"

Make the man in your life's birthday extra special by creating a themed getaway in your bedroom to enjoy together. Consider pinning up cut-outs of palm trees on the wall and lay out some leis to wear so you can pretend to be on a secluded beach together. Or create a twilight picnic "at the park" by placing plants around the room and installing glow-in-the-dark stars on the ceiling. The idea is to create a space that reminds him of a getaway he'd love to have with you without ever having to leave the comfort of your home.

These gift ideas are sure to put a big smile on your man's face, and should give him something to talk about long after the initial nostalgia wears off.