4 Advantages Of Cathloic School For Children With Sensory Processing Disorder

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A child that has sensory processing disorder (SPD) can have just as much intelligence as other children, but they can also be held back through the effects of the SPD. When you choose to enroll your son or daughter into a Catholic school, there are several advantages that can cater to SPD symptoms. A child will have less distractions and can cope easier thanks to a variety of benefits found in these schools.

If your child has SPD, the following four advantages can become available to them at Catholic schools all over the country.

Catholic School Uniform

Your child's body can become irritated with all types of clothing materials, especially when they change on a daily basis. Instead of taking a new chance on a different outfit each day, the Catholic school uniform offers a consistent fit and feel for the child. Instead of tugging on collars or squirming in their seat, the child can focus and relax, as their body is used to the same uniform day after day. One of the main benefits to Catholic school uniforms is that they often have more layers. This will give different options and a level of comfort while coping with sensory issues.

Catholic schools that offer uniformed shoes can help even more. It may take longer for a child to get used to new shoes. The differences in new shoes could cause the child to trip, stumble, and lose balance on a regular basis. By consistently wearing the same type shoes, they can maintain a better whole body balance.

Silent Prayer

It's known that children with SPD can become very sensitive to loud noises and bright lights. During a busy school day, an extended silent prayer session is ideal for children to relax and calm themselves. Along with completing prayers, a child has the opportunity to break from the constant noise that they may be very sensitive to.

Some Catholic schools may have multiple silent sessions, offering even more time to relax. Upon explaining the condition to the school, your child may the opportunity to take part in an isolated prayer session to really help relax their body and minds. Anxiety is often common for SPD, and the silent prayer can help reduce the anxiety naturally.

Student Ratios

One of the biggest advantages for your child is the smaller classroom sizes typically found at a Catholic school. When the teacher and student ratio is a lot lower, children have the ability to focus and pay attention. This can help a child retain knowledge and get through the day without too many distractions. Students at Catholic schools often have opportunities to work one on one with nuns, pastors, priests, or other members of the church. This gives them time to focus and work to their true potential.

It's easy for your child to become overwhelmed in a large crowd. Requesting the smallest class possible will help your child achieve the most success. Along with the smaller student ratios, your child could have a seat preference that caters to their sensory needs. This can include a darker part of a room or away from bright distractions of a window seat.

Catholic Music Classes

Catholic schools have a lot of unique musical opportunities that differ from other public or private schools.. Often, musical therapy is used to help treat sensory issues. Children can focus, find melodies, and relax their bodies. This therapy can be extended through a number of musical programs found in Catholic schools.

  • Organ Playing: Listening to and playing a church organ can help with a focus on keys, deep tones, and a variety of harmonies.
  • School Choir: A school and church choir can help a child learn to sing with others, move with rhythm, and sing runs from a variety of gospel songs.
  • School Musicals: A variety of Catholic musicals can help teach dancing, singing, and following choreography. These types of activities are typically common during the holidays where Christmas plays are presented for families.

Inquire with local Catholic schools, like Saint Thomas Academy, to find out more information on a specific curriculum. It can help you plan out the full advantages for your child.